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Arts & Sciences, Innovation, Society

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Arts & Sciences

interactions bridging the arts and sciences fields, collaborations between artists and researchers or innovators, art-science and other interdisciplinary approaches.


New approaches for innovation, using participative methodologies : from Living Lab to Design Thinking, including Lean Startup, prototyping or hacking.

Culture & Society

Understanding cultural and social mutations, analyzing societal changes through culture, setting the arts, sciences and innovation at the heart of society’s stakes.

Latest articles

Are you more art-science, Art & Science, or Art-Science-Technologies? Unless you’re a Science-Society-Innovation kind of person? This blog gives a glimpse of these dynamics in France and in the world. You will read about collisions between contemporary art and scientific research, but also about innovation from interdisciplinary groups, Living Lab or new approaches for culture and public engagement. The blog is in French, so if you would like some articles translated, let us know !

De l’intelligence artificielle à l’éthique des machines

Quels comportements éthiques pour les programmes autonomes qui nous entourent ?


Des bits en papier

Workshop Living Lab sur le thème Papier & Numérique à la MRI à Caen


Jouer au Poker Solutionniste avec David Benqué

Écologie ou technologie ? Les solutions miracles du design spéculatif.


Startuppers : tous au musée !

Workshops participatifs et Living Lab pour les Résidences de l’Innovation au 127°.


Who we are

Laurène Cheilan

Laurène Cheilan

Arts & Sciences

Ex-Performer, contemporary theater director, or art-science coordinator, Laurène has experimented many méthodologies for transdisciplinary collaborations with contemporary artists. Independant today, she sometimes works with the Décalab agency for clients such as PSA or Paris Sciences et Lettres, organizing bioart conferences or frenetically mapping art-science initiatives worldwide.

Didier Laval

Didier Laval

Innovation, Sciences & Culture

With ten years of experience in the field of science centres and a strong taste for innovation, Didier built his career between the major French science centres and Ecsite – the European network of science centres and museums – before becoming independent. His obsession? Shaking up innovation through new approaches such as Living Lab or Lean Startup, art-science hybridation or design thinking.

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Work with us

We help cultural institutions, companies and public authorities to create:
  • new cultural and organizational models
  • new means for leveraging engagement of specific audiences
  • new programmes, spaces or third places
  • new tools (such as digital or collaborative tools)
By taste and conviction, we integrate in our approach bridges between the sciences, the arts and the humanities, to link various sources of knowledge and various audiences. Most of all, this approach fuels creativity and positions the cultural sector as an actor of innovation.

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